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I, Eduard Gorodetsky, am a fourth-generation winemaker. I have devoted my entire life to winemaking. For 20 years I worked at Odesa Cognac Factory, of which the last 5 years I held the position of CEO.

But the dream of establishing my own family winery and making my own wine never left me. That's why I created my Wine in 2021, which became an extension of me: as a winemaker, as a dreamer, as a person, as an enthusiast.

My first goal is to popularise wine as a lifestyle because wine is a very healthy product. I wish to develop a culture of wine consumption in Ukraine. The second goal is to popularise Ukrainian wine. I know that we have all the conditions to make good quality wines. Vineyards, climate, soil... traditions! It's time to offer all wine lovers our unique Ukrainian Local wine.

my Wine — are wines made from sunny Bessarabian grapes grown on the south of Odesa region. These wines reflect my understanding of wine: when wine is poured into glasses, it should be drunk more and talked about less. An ancient Greek Tetradrachm coin depicting the owl of Athena, which was used in this area, inspired us to create the logo design.

My ambition is to become one of those who can be said to be the face of the new Ukrainian winemaking.

Thank you for your attention to my wine and I raise a glass of my Wine to your health!
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my Wine - wine that is perfect for life!
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